June 29, 2011


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My mother’s craving for ginataang puso ng saging and is always asking hubby to cook some. The thing is we can’t find any puso ng saging šŸ˜¦ So hubby went to work already and Inay never got the chance to eat or even taste one…
Then suddenly a neighbor told us that one of our SABA tree has a unique puso ng saging (daw!!!), we don’t see it because it’s far from the house. And so I checked it out…Whoaaahhhh KAKAIBA ito ahhh????

see how high it is...good thing somebody saw it

And so I zoomed the pic I took….

5 puso sa isang buwig :0

I thought when I saw things like this in the news it’s just plain coincidence…but when I saw it in our Banana tree, well….. it’s cool..and it’s unique…What does it mean kaya????
Well, whatever it is, I immediately sent the pic to hubby thru MMS and he said “ang galing naman..kakatuwa!!! baka naaawa kay Inay..pag uwi ko gagataan ko lahat yan!” see…even the trees in the backyard loves Inay so much šŸ™‚
That’s life…anything is possible to happen..who knows, one day we’ll have snow šŸ™‚ (pwede!!!) or maybe I’ll have the chance to date Lee Min Ho ;)) (am i already talking nonsense here???lol) Btw, today’s Wednesday and tonight, episode 11 of City Hunter will air in S. Korea so tomorrow I’ll be able watch it in YouTube..excited much!!! But that’s another story…..


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